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Pro-Serv Process Serving, Inc.
Pro-Serv Process Serving, Inc.
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Bruce Samuelson
Bruce started out as a process server many years ago while enjoying a career in the financial services industry.  He came to Pro-Serv in 2002 and soon become the top server for the company.  In 2004 he joined his wife Connie, in the purchase of the company.  Connie retired a few years ago and now Bruce heads up the operations including: marketing, H/R and field services part of Pro-Serv.  He is active in many industry functions, is a member of CERT and is always available for consulting.
You can contact Bruce directly at  

Jay, Joe Don, Cassie and Gary
Cassie with Rascal Flatts

Our Lead Office Assistant, Cassie, is ready to help you.  She also helps with the afternoon court run and deliveries.

Pro-Serv Mobile * PO Box 70172, Vancouver, WA 98665*  Phone: (360) 699-5651 Fax: (360) 699-8163 

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