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Several years ago our longstanding process service clients asked if we would consider starting a daily courier route.  We surveyed our clients for needs and what they were receiving from their current courier(s).  Shortly thereafter we began our courier route as well as legal messengering.  While we monitor the growth closely for coverage purposes we have grown steadily from 5 courier route clients to over 25 courier route clients.

We make scheduled daily stops to the Clark Co. Prosecutor, DVPC, Vancouver City Attorney and Clark Co. Services Building.  We will deliver to any attorney office in Clark Co. free of charge within the course of our schedule.  Home deliveries, Pro-Se deliveries, Government deliveries, Government & Law Enforcement Subpoenas, Specialist Deliveries (medical, psychological, social workers, etc...) are delivered at a heavily discounted rate for our courier clients.  We deliver into Oregon as well and again, discounted for our courier clients.

Our downtown clients receive up to two stops per day at their office.  We offer discount pricing for multiple attorneys in the same office. 

Once you have begun using Pro-Serv as your courier you will wonder why you didn't start earlier.  Our couriers secure their vehicles when they are not in them, they do not smoke in their vehicles or on your documents.  Our couriers are friendly and courteous yet professional.

For less than $5.00/day, you too can enjoy the comfort and security of knowing that Pro-Serv is your courier.  On-time, accurate, reliable.  This is what we do and who we are.


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Pro-Serv Mobile * PO Box 70172, Vancouver, WA 98665*  Phone: (360) 699-5651 Fax: (360) 699-8163 

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